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    Why the Discovery of ‘LATE’ Dementia Is Important

    By Liz Seegert for Next AvenueWhen is Alzheimer’s disease not Alzheimer’s disease? It’s a riddle that finally has an answer.Researchers recently pinpointed another form of cognitive decline with many of the same hallmarks as Alzheimer’s, but which actually involves different brain processes.This newly discovered dementia may partly explain why some people haven’t been helped by current Alzheimer’s drugs or why some drugs being tested haven’t been as succ...  Read More...

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    How to Manage Stress When It’s Affecting Your Health

    By Jennifer Nelson for Next AvenueDiana Zwinak, 53, was a teacher in a rural district outside Chicago when she developed Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune disorder where antibodies chronically attack the thyroid. “Basically, my thyroid stopped functioning,” says Zwinak. Her doctor’s recommendation: “You have got to get rid of some of your stress.” The stress she was under was causing her adrenal system to shut down.Zwinak’s doctor told her point-bla...  Read More...

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    When Families Keep the Truth From Their Dying Loved Ones

    By Larry Patten for Next Avenue(This is a personal essay by retired pastor Larry Patten, who now works in a Fresno, Calif., hospice facility.)Answering the innocent question of what I do for a living can kill a conversation.I work in hospice services, and have visited people in their homes, hospitals and skilled nursing facilities when they have months or weeks to live.Even our patients and families want to avoid talking about my job. Often enough, a hospice staff member is asked to not wear his...  Read More...

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    Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America announces Art is Ageless® winners

    Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America has announced the winners of its annual, system-wide Art is Ageless® competition. The works of more than 60 senior artists from Kansas and Missouri will be featured in the 2020 Art is Ageless calendar and greeting cards.Art is Ageless, open exclusively to people age 65 and older. Competition pieces and works must have been completed in the past five years.   Read More...

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    Why Being Kind Makes You Healthier

    By Chrystle Fiedler for Next AvenueWhen you are kind to another person, even in a small way, it has a positive effect by helping that person feel valued and supported. If you make such acts of kindness a regular habit, it’s actually good for your health and even slows your body’s aging process, according to research.“Two culprits that speed the process of aging are free radicals and inflammation. But remarkable research shows that the oxytocin [hormone] that we produce because ...  Read More...

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