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    6 Ways to Deal With Sentimental Items When Decluttering

    By Rachel Hartman for Next AvenueOrganizing. and getting rid of, extra belongings can make it easier to downsize, clean a home and entertain guests.But what should be done with a stack of boxes containing memorabilia stashed in a closet? Or a basement filled with items that represent the past 30 years?“Clutter is real, and stuff follows us to the end,” says Felice Cohen, author and professional organizer based in New York City who teaches online organization classes to older adults.S...  Read More...

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    It’s Getting Easier to Draft a Will Electronically at Home

    By Kerry Hannon for Next AvenueFor some time now, you’ve been able to draft an online will on a home computer via firms like Rocket Lawyer, Legal Zoom or FreeWill. But it still had to be signed with wet ink in front of a notary and witnesses to be valid. That’s on the cusp of changing.And if you don’t have a will yet — 61% of people age 45-54 and 34% of those 65+ don’t (yikes!), according to — maybe this news will get you to take this essential estate planning step for you a...  Read More...

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    3 Things Women Must Know About Social Security Benefits

    By Marcia MacDonald Mantell for Next AvenueSo much of your final decision about Social Security will depend on your personal situation at the time of claiming. Before deciding when to claim, however, there are other financial realities to carefully consider. Among them are the following:The Earnings Limit Test This is used when you are working but decide to claim Social Security before your Full Retirement Age.Taxation of Social Security Benefits Depending on your overall income, some of your So...  Read More...

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    Coping with Complicated Grief

    By Suzanne Boles for Next Avenue“Thank you for the intervention. Friends and family came to be with me. I agreed to be admitted to hospital.   Read More...

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    Protecting Your Parents From Elder Fraud

    By Richard Eisenberg for Next AvenueA growing concern for many people in their 50s or 60s: Will my mom or dad become the victim of elder fraud? Sadly, the chances are pretty good. In fact, at least 20% of older adults have been victims of elder financial abuse, according to the Center for Financial Services Innovation.Scammers are getting more nefarious using email and the phone to separate people in their 70s, 80s and 90s from their money.   Read More...

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