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    Nurse Spotlight: Angie Nichols, Diane Hagerty and Brandy Byers

    As we continue to celebrate the Year of the Nurse at PMMA, we’re putting the spotlight on three nurses (and friends) who have been a part of Farmington Presbyterian Manor's staff for a combined 64 years! We’re fortunate to have these three women dedicated to our team and residents.Angie Nichols, LPNWhen did you start working at Farmington Presbyterian Manor? I was hired November 8, 2005. I was here for 15 years, left for 3 months and came back.   Read More...

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    PMMA set to follow CMS guidance for infection control, prevention of COVID-19

    The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued revised guidelines March 9 for infection control and prevention of the novel Coronavirus 2019. These guidelines call on providers to limit – and in some cases restrict – in-person visitor access to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in senior health care communities.The guidelines call for communities to screen and limit visitor access to senior health care communities. The restrictions for communities in areas where there are active COVID-19 case...  Read More...

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    Open Heart Surgery Changed My View of Life

    By Chris Haws for Next AvenueI was being wheeled at speed through the corridors of the MedStar Cardiovascular Surgery Center in Washington, D.C. on a stretcher bound for an operating theater. My driver, another Chris, was also to be my anesthetist — so I refrained from commenting on his apparent lack of coordination or caution as we raced through the basement labyrinth.Instead, we traded gallows-humor jokes about passengers who found themselves on the wrong airplanes or patients who were d...  Read More...

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    Is Your Estate as Planned As You Think?

    By Patrick O'Brien for Next AvenueYou’ve considered how you want your estate to be distributed after you die. Hopefully, you’ve even written a will to make sure your wishes will be followed. So, your estate is planned…right?While most of us would like to think that estate planning is that simple, there are other things to consider as part of the process, and topics that need to be revisited over time.   Read More...

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    Nurse Spotlight: Michelle Willhite

    As we continue to celebrate the Year of the Nurse at Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America, we’re putting the spotlight on Lawrence Presbyterian Manor's director of nursing, Michelle Willhite.How long have you worked at Lawrence Presbyterian Manor?I started here in June of 2018.What inspired you to become a nurse?My grandma. She was a surgical nurse at the VA in Topeka for 25 years.What makes PMMA a special place to work?The great team that I work with and the residents that live here.How...  Read More...

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