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    How to Get Through the Fog of Grief

    By Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell for Next AvenueWhen my 57-year-old husband, Dale, suddenly died of a massive heart attack on Nov. 20, 2018, two days before Thanksgiving, to say I was in shock was an understatement. More than a month later, I realized just how much my mental capacity was affected by this life-changing trauma.On Christmas Day, the next holiday without him, I was distraught and thought of a pin Dale had given me when we were still dating as teenagers.   Read More...

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    Planting Coral Bells for Mom

    By Debbie L. Miller for Next AvenueAfter 23 years of marriage, I was finished. For the last nine of those years, I’d owned a house with a garden in East Tennessee where I grew herbs, perennials, wildflowers and vegetables.   Read More...

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    Downshifting From a Life in Overdrive

    By Jill Smolowe for Next AvenueDo you think that when we slow down, it’s because we’re aging or because the nature of retired life demands less of us?I ask because, as I near 64, I look with a mix of wonder and bewilderment at the politicians, judges and entertainers who are more than a decade older than I and going full-tilt at their careers. Where do they get their energy? Are they aberrations?   Read More...

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    Love for Cats Connects Mother and Daughter

    By Christine Schoenwald for Next AvenueWhy is it, no matter how old we are, there’s a part of us which continues to seek our parent’s approval?My mother never was the kind of parent who believed that everything her child did was extraordinary or brilliant. A couple of years ago, I wrote a personal essay about my late father and his fantastic sense of humor. I thought my mother would enjoy reading it — they had been divorced several years at the time of his death, but she always appreciated how f...  Read More...

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    Resources for Your Next Doctor Appointment

    By Grace Birnstengel for Next AvenueHealth care is a huge priority for Next Avenue — always, but especially right now. Specifically, how health care can do a better job serving older Americans, and how older Americans can demand more from their health care.We know our readers turn to us for advice on navigating doctor appointments, advocating for loved ones they care for, making end-of-life wishes clear and more.I recently produced a Facebook live video Q&A on what is called “age...  Read More...

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