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    Clever Ways Senior Housing Has Kept Residents Engaged During the Pandemic

    By Richard Eisenberg for Next AvenueWhen Senior Living Foresight, a website for senior living community developers and operators, asked if I’d volunteer to host its April 24 Virtual Summit panel: How Senior Housing Is Keeping Residents Engaged in the Pandemic, I agreed. But I was a little dubious about the premise.After all, we’re well aware of the COVID-19 problems some long-term care communities, their residents and families have been dealing with the virus’ spread;...  Read More...

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    Nurses take heroic measures during COVID-19

    As we continue to celebrate the Year of the Nurse, there couldn’t be a better time to highlight the challenges the nursing staff is currently facing as they work each day to keep our residents and staff safe and healthy.“Keeping up with all the changes related to COVID-19 in LTC in itself is challenging but keeping COVID-19 out of the building, out of LTC and keeping residents and staff safe is one of the biggest challenges facing nursing today and one of the biggest challenges of my...  Read More...

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    COVID-19 and Your Money: Tips From Experts

    By Richard Eisenberg for Next AvenueChances are, the coronavirus has upped your worries about your personal finances. And if you’re nearing, or in, retirement, the pandemic-triggered stock market plunge may be making you especially upset. So, my two Friends Talk Money podcast co-hosts and I just released a new episode specifically dealing with money advice for the pandemic.Below are highlights from the episode.   Read More...

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    Cassandra Everett blends passions in her work at Aberdeen Village

    For Cassandra Everett, licensed practical nurse, her role as medical records coordinator at Aberdeen Village blends her desire to care for others and to exercise the creative problem solving required of a businesswoman.“Growing up, I always liked to take care of people, but I wanted to be a businesswoman, too,” Cassandra said. “My dad was a teacher, and my mom was a nurse. I have many family members in the medical field, so you can say it’s in my blood.   Read More...

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    How the Arts Can Ease Grief After Loss

    By Patricia Corrigan for Next AvenueHow we process grief and loss is highly personal. Some retreat from the world for a while. Some throw themselves into work.   Read More...

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