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    How to Get in Shape for Your Bucket-List Adventure

    By Rashelle Brown for Next AvenueBucket lists and adventure trips are more popular than ever, especially among older adults who are no longer spending their money and time raising children. Maybe you have aspirations to climb Kilimanjaro, hike across the Grand Canyon, ski the Swiss Alps, sail the Caribbean or finally learn how to surf.But are you physically fit enough to not only check that trip off your list and really enjoy the experience? If the answer is no, don’t despair — ...  Read More...

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    ‘Never a dull moment’ for LPN Megan Sellers

    “Early in life I knew I wanted to help people and have some positive impact on their lives,” said Megan Sellers, a member of the nursing team at Wichita Presbyterian Manor. “But I wasn’t sure in what capacity.”Megan earned a bachelor’s degree in health promotion from Emporia State University. After graduation she returned to her hometown to intern at the Greater Wichita YMCA.“I enjoyed personal training, but it wasn’t something I could see myself d...  Read More...

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    How Chronic Loneliness Can Trigger Health Problems

    By Deborah Quilter for Next AvenueLast time you visited your doctor, did he or she ask if you felt lonely? Did your doctor inquire about how many friendships you have or ask about how many community groups you are involved with?There’s a growing body of research showing that extended loneliness and isolation are detrimental to health, and can even shorten people’s lives. One example is an analysis of about 70 studies conducted between 1980 and 2014 looking into loneliness and social ...  Read More...

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    A Clever Way to Divvy Up Items After a Parent’s Death

    By Harry S. Margolis for Next AvenueOne of the biggest challenges for anyone administering an estate is how to distribute what are called its tangible items. Unlike other property which can be easily sold, turned into cash and divided equally, tangible property is unique and often can’t be equally split.   Read More...

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    Assisted living director’s career began in the dining services kitchen

    Aberdeen Village Assisted Living Director Linda Mwanzi is a long way from where she began.As a teenager in Kenya, Linda decided to leave the life she had known as a child to begin anew in America.“I started my career journey in the kitchen at Aberdeen Village when a sincere resident’s voice spoke to me and asked if I had plans to go back to school to do something else,” Linda said. “I thought of those words for quite some time and wondered why a stranger would believe in ...  Read More...

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