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    Creating a New Life as a Widow

    By Barbara Rady Kazdan for Next AvenueAfter losing my husband 10 years ago, I joined a bereavement group. At the final session, a few of us decided to meet monthly for lunch. Perfect for me, because for the first time in my life, I had no friends who lived nearby.   Read More...

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    Are You Ready for Daily Life With a Newly Retired Spouse?

    By Mary Kay Jordan Fleming for Next AvenueFour years ago, I was excited about my husband’s imminent retirement. I envisioned him cleaning the basement, repainting the house and cooking dinner while I was at work. Now he’s retired, and I realize the odds are better that the whistling forest animals from Snow White will drop by to maintain our home.There was no excuse for my ridiculous optimism.   Read More...

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    When a Parent Dies: Ways to Help Yourself and Your Surviving Parent

    By Amy Florian for Next AvenueNot too long ago, a dear friend’s dad suffered a major heart attack and died. At the funeral, there was little time for more than a brief exchange of words.But, given my background in grieving support and education, I wanted to offer some advice to help her and her mom through the grieving process. So, that evening I wrote her a letter.   Read More...

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    New Research Sheds More Light on Alzheimer’s in Women

    By Sherri Snelling for Next AvenueWomen seem to be dominating the headlines recently, with the triumphant U.S. women’s team World Cup Soccer win and the focus of attention on Capitol Hill’s female legislators. However, one area where women are leading is not a reason for applause: the disproportionate impact of Alzheimer’s disease on the female population.While definite answers remain elusive, a growing body of research — the latest presented this week at the Alzheimer&rs...  Read More...

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    How to Avoid Compassion Burnout

    By Patricia Corrigan for Next AvenueCaregivers, both professional and personal, often suffer from compassion fatigue — a syndrome also known as “secondary trauma stress.” But navigating any close, personal relationship also can lead to emotional stress and burnout.As a self-described former “black-belt people pleaser,” the Venerable Tenzin Chogkyi, a Buddhist nun, says: “Burnout may be a reflection of a society that so often looks to women to comfort thos...  Read More...

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