and Not-for-Profit

Learn Why That Matters

Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America is a faith-based, not-for-profit senior living organization. Because of this structure, our financial duty is to further our mission rather than to deliver shareholder returns. This means we are able to maintain a culture of service: to our residents, their families, and the greater communities where we operate.

Here are five qualities that define PMMA’s culture of service:

  1. Mission-Driven Approach

    As a not-for-profit organization, all of our operational decisions serve our mission to provide quality services guided by Christian values. Our financial resources go toward providing quality care for our seniors, and living out values of love, faith, charity and other Christian principles.

  2. Continuous Ownership

    Like many sectors, the senior living industry often relies on acquisitions and leadership turnover to drive profitability. It’s not uncommon to see ownership turn over every five years, which doesn’t leave much room for building relationships between leadership and the community. At PMMA, we’re in it for the long haul, which gives us the freedom to really get to know our communities and our residents.

  3. Board of Trustee Oversight

    While for-profit businesses must serve shareholders first, a not-for-profit organization maintains a volunteer board of trustees who are responsible for holding the organization and its leadership accountable to the mission and the best interests of residents. This means our residents are always our first priority.

  4. Investing in our Residents

    Just because PMMA is a not-for-profit doesn’t mean the organization never makes a profit. The difference is in how the profit is used. Because PMMA doesn’t have shareholders, we are able to invest profits back into our communities to improve quality of life for our residents. From updating our campuses to purchasing vans for resident transportation to absorbing non-reimbursable medical costs of our residents, PMMA reinvests profits in our communities.

  5. Good Samaritan Program

    We were founded more than 70 years ago as a resource to help seniors, and we continue to live out this charge today thanks to this philanthropic program. Each year, PMMA provides millions of dollars in charitable care for residents who have outlived their financial resources, allowing them to continue to live in our communities.

How You Can Help

To find out how you can help us further our mission and make a difference for our residents, their families and the communities where we operate, visit the PMMA Department of Giving site today.