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Service-Driven Culture

Service-Driven Culture

A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Wellness

The way you want to live is more than a tagline; it is a culture built on a method of delivering services and care to residents based on the residents’ personal choices and preferences. This social care model, sometimes called "person- or resident-centered care" creates a more welcoming and familiar environment for residents. To help our residents stay active and healthy in body, mind and spirit, we take a multi-dimensional approach to wellness that includes:

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PHYSICAL: Maintaining physical wellness helps seniors remain healthy and independent. We provide ample opportunities for physical wellness, from fitness centers to beautiful outdoor walking spaces. Exercise classes and group activities get the blood flowing and keep our seniors young at heart.

SOCIAL: People need social interaction, and our residents cite the friendships as one of the biggest perks of living in a PMMA community. Bridge clubs, bingo nights, dinner dates: there’s always a fun way to engage with friends new and old.

SPIRITUAL: Our mission calls us to provide quality senior services guided by Christian values. In doing so, we cherish individual spirituality in all its varieties and forms. Many of our campuses have on-site chaplains, and all of them provide opportunities for worship, Bible study and other spiritual activities.

INTELLECTUAL: A sharp mind is one of the most powerful tools to help us combat aging. Our residents are constantly learning something new or recharging their mental batteries through classes, lectures, author presentations, book clubs, and our Just Ask lifelong learning series.

CREATIVE: Whether tapping into a new talent or expanding your artistic side, express yourself with classes and activities. Or be inspired by the Art is Ageless® program, where residents and other area seniors exhibit their work through its art show.

Moving to a PMMA community is a chance to redefine life on your terms and truly make these the best years of your life. No matter where you live, from whistle-stop towns to bustling cities, chances are seniors are somewhere having fun and fellowship. Check your community’s resources for senior centers and services or drop by and talk with a senior living counselor about the activities and lifestyle at your PMMA community.

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