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Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America’s Founder’s Day celebrates 70 years of service to seniors

Employees of Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America will celebrate 70 years of providing quality senior services guided by Christian values when they observe Founders Day this week.

The more than 2,000 professionals in 17 communities and two hospices across Kansas and Missouri will sign promise boards signifying a re-dedication of their commitment to PMMA’s core values of respect, dignity and independence.

Employee surveys through the years indicate PMMA employees feel that being a part of residents’ lives enriches their own. The Founder’s Day celebration thanks employees for that devotion and for providing high-quality services. Residents will join in the celebrations, as well.

“Many of our employees view what they do as a calling, not just a job,” said Bruce Shogren, president and CEO. “The three words I believe describe the PMMA experience are home, family and touch. Our residents truly feel they’ve found a home in our communities. Our communities are a family environment between residents and employees. Each day, due to this environment, our 2,400 residents live the way they want to live knowing their services are provided with compassion and care. Our dedicated employees make it possible for us to sustain PMMA’s mission, of providing quality services guided by Christian values.”

Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America’s roots go back to 1947. Alice Kalb, a widow from central Kansas, appealed to a Presbyterian Church organization to establish a home for seniors. Her vision led to the founding of the first Presbyterian Manor community in Newton, Kan., and inspired others to do even more. Today PMMA remains true to the spirit of Alice’s vision, providing quality senior services guided by Christian values.

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