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Nurses take heroic measures during COVID-19

Nurses take heroic measures during COVID-19

As we continue to celebrate the Year of the Nurse, there couldn’t be a better time to highlight the challenges the nursing staff is currently facing as they work each day to keep our residents and staff safe and healthy.

“Keeping up with all the changes related to COVID-19 in LTC in itself is challenging but keeping COVID-19 out of the building, out of LTC and keeping residents and staff safe is one of the biggest challenges facing nursing today and one of the biggest challenges of my career,” said Peggy Bland, director of nursing at Farmington Presbyterian Manor.

Peggy and the entire nursing staff are working tirelessly to overcome the challenges of the pandemic and keep us all safe. What keeps them going?

“Teamwork, diligence, perseverance and remembering why we are here in the first place … for the residents who need us more now than they ever have,” said Peggy.

While COVID-19 has presented life around our community with challenges, it has also given our nurses a reminder of why they chose helping others as a career.

“I think it has made nurses realize why they became nurses in the first place—to help people. Nurses are the ones that are going to be there when no one else can be. I hope they are realizing they are very important, they make a difference, they are the front line, the ones fighting this war for everyone. I hope they realize they really are our superheroes,” said Peggy.

Skilled nursing at Farmington Presbyterian Manor goes beyond providing health care.

“Skilled nursing means providing the elderly with the compassionate care they deserve at a point in their lives when they need it the most. Providing them with as much respect and dignity as you can at a time when they cannot provide it for themselves. We don’t just care for loved ones, we truly care about them,” said Peggy.

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