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For LPN Jeannine Koen, the Presbyterian Manor is all about family

For LPN Jeannine Koen, the Presbyterian Manor is all about family

Family is what brought Jeannine Koen to Farmington Presbyterian Manor, and it’s what makes her stay after almost a decade.

“I’m from Farmington and have lived here most of my life. I’m the oldest of eight girls, and I’ve always been a caretaker. My mother-in-law and father-in-law both lived here. When my mother-in-law was ill and on dialysis, that is what took me into nursing. I PRN’d here when I first got out of nursing school. Then I went away for a while, came back and have been here ever since,” said Jeannine.

Nine years later, Jeannine continues to connect with residents and enjoys the extended family she’s gained over the years.

“I just love my job. Presbyterian Manor is a good place to work. I get enjoyment out of sitting down and listening to the residents’ history. They are so interesting. I love taking care of them. You feel like you’re making a difference in their lives when you come in. You become one big family, community. You have special moments where you can sit down and connect with people. It’s the sweetest thing and it’s why I’m still here. You bond with certain residents and take care of them. And the families will say they appreciate you taking care of their loved ones every day,” said Jeannine.

Jeannine’s love for the Presbyterian Manor is something she shares with two of her grandchildren, too.

“I have a granddaughter and grandson who have worked here. My grandson is an EMT, and I’m helping him go through school to become a paramedic. He started his career here. My granddaughter is a CNA in training. She’s taking care of my residents in assisted living who have been sent to the healthcare side. It’s interesting to watch her and talk with her about the care they’re getting. I tell my grandkids you have to get a job you feel good about doing, not just for money or time off. Do it for what you’re doing it for and what you’ll get in the long run.”

For Jeannine, working with seniors at Presbyterian Manor is for inspiration and relationships.

“These residents inspire us as much as we inspire them. It makes it so much fun to work. I’ve been here nine years and I don’t think one time I’ve ever thought about not going into work because you always have someone you need to take to an appointment or who’s sick and needs care. It’s your responsibility.”

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PHOTO: Jeannine Koen with assisted living resident Mary Vial

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