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Charge nurse does lots of ‘follow-up and follow-through’

Charge nurse does lots of ‘follow-up and follow-through’

“I’m a patient advocate for sure,” said Allison King, charge nurse for Parsons Presbyterian Manor. “I like helping people feel better, and I always want what’s best for them.”

Her desire to better the lives of others inspired Allison to choose nursing as a career. She began as a certified medication assistant at Presbyterian Manor while she advanced her education at Labette Community College.

Allison worked on an as-needed basis as a licensed practical nurse, then accepted a full-time position once she earned the designation of registered nurse. She has worked for Presbyterian Manor for more than a decade.

Allison’s favorite aspect of her job is interacting with both the residents and her coworkers.

“We have a good team here, and because of that, communication between staff and residents works well,” she said.

As the charge nurse, Allison plays a critical role in ensuring that resident care plans are followed. She spends a lot of time talking to doctors and family members in order to assure continuity of care.

“It’s a lot of follow-up and follow-through,” Allison said.

She also approaches end-of-life situations with a sense of great responsibility.

“I want to know I’m making someone as comfortable as possible before they transition to the afterlife,” she said. In order to make the right decisions, she had to learn to remove her emotions from the situation and process them later.

Outside of work, Allison keeps busy with her daughters Linnea, 12, and Elianah, 5.

“They fight like cats and dogs,” Allison said, laughing. “They are definitely at different stages of their lives.” Both girls enjoy studying dance and Tae Kwon Do.

Allison enjoys rock and alternative music and used to play the guitar. She and her husband Travis, a correctional officer, have been married for eight years.

“I’m not really that exciting,” Allison claims. “That’s kind of how I like my life: not too exciting.”

The World Health Organization designated 2020 as “the year of the nurse.” This observation coincides with the 200th birth anniversary of revolutionary nurse Florence Nightingale, whose leadership forever elevated the nursing profession. Throughout the year, PMMA communities will shine a spotlight on nurses as part of this global recognition. You can share your nurse story by sending an email to 2020YearoftheNurse@pmma.org.

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