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    Does Getting Older Make You Less Stressed?

    By Donna Pols Trump for Next AvenueA recently released Gallup Global Emotions poll suggests that as people age, they tend to experience less overall stress in their lives.The poll asked respondents from over 140 countries questions about positive and negative experiences they had yesterday (a single day in 2018). One subset of answers reveals particularly thought-provoking information about which age group of Americans is most stressed, worried or angry. The immediate answers may or may not surp...  Read More...

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    A Daunting Task: Cleaning Out a Late Loved One’s Home

    By Randi Mazzella for Next AvenueAfter a parent or another loved one dies, one of the hardest tasks is cleaning out their home. Whether or not it’s the home you grew up in, the house or apartment will likely hold some memories and going through the contents can be emotionally draining.John D. Moore, a licensed psychotherapist in Chicago and editor of Guy Counseling, says, “In many cases, the child (or children) of the deceased aren’t properly prepared for the torrent of emotion...  Read More...

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    How to Effectively Communicate With Your Doctor

    By Christine Yu for Next AvenueWe’ve all been there. After waiting endlessly for a doctor’s appointment, your physician breezes in and out of the exam room, seems rushed and leaves you little time to ask questions. Before you know it, your appointment is over, and you feel like little more than a series of medical tests and health conditions.   Read More...

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    The Risks of a Handwritten Will

    By Jason Largey for Next AvenueWhen the “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin died last August, it was believed that she hadn’t prepared any kind of estate plan, including a last will and testament. But now, nine months after her death, three handwritten wills have been found in her home near Detroit; two were in a locked closet and one was stuffed beneath the cushions of a sofa! But are handwritten wills valid?It’s complicated.In Franklin’s case, it’s potentially g...  Read More...

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    How Religious Belief Can Affect Health

    By Debbie Musser for Next AvenueAdhering to a well-balanced diet and incorporating exercise into your routine are two well-known ways to improve health. What about religious involvement? Can that also have a positive effect on health and well-being?There’s a growing field of study that seeks to link the physiological effects of religious and spiritual practices on the body: neurotheology.Dr.   Read More...

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