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    Medicare changes of 2019

    The coming year, 2019, is a huge year for Medicare beneficiaries. There will be many changes and most of them are beneficial. In 2010, lawmakers did away with the Medicare Open Enrollment Period for Medicare Advantage Plans.   Read More...

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    Play Games for Better Health

    By Randi Mazzella for Next AvenueWhen friends asked Lisa Ruderman, 52, of Livingston, N.J., if she wanted to learn how to play canasta, at first, she declined. She wasn’t sure she had the spare time or any interest in the card game, which is a form of rummy. But with some minor prodding, she was convinced to give it a try.   Read More...

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    13 Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America communities on U.S. News and World Report Best Nursing Homes 2018 list

    Thirteen Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America senior living communities are on the U.S. News and World Report Best Nursing Homes 2018-2019 list. The communities received the High Performing rating to make the list, available today.PMMA locations on the honoree list with five-star ratings are Aberdeen Village (Olathe), Emporia, Lawrence, Newton, Parsons, Salina, Sterling, Topeka and Wichita in Kansas and Aberdeen Heights (Kirkwood), Farmington, Fulton and Rolla in Missouri.Inclusion on the list is ...  Read More...

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    The Second Year After a Loved One’s Death

    By Jackson Rainer for Next AvenueFor more than 25 years, I served as a psychology professor and researched grief and bereavement. I consulted and taught individuals, couples and families to meet the demands that chronic illness exacts, to build safety nets and resilience in the presence of stress, and to create space for the problems that the loss of a loved one brings. I was widely published, including a well-received book (Life After Loss: Contemporary Grief Counseling and Therapy), and produc...  Read More...

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    How to Find Your Motivation for Better Health

    By Kelly K. James for Next AvenueTom Nolan, 71, admits he led a less-than-healthy lifestyle for years. He ate foods he shouldn’t (and too much of them), slept poorly and avoided exercise.   Read More...

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    When Your Partner Is Dying, What Do You Say?

    By Jane Duncan Rogers for Next AvenueMy husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2010. We managed to focus on the positive side of things (the doctors said that if they got all the cancer out of his stomach in an operation, then his prognosis was quite good.) But we blithely ignored the statistics which were not on our side. I think this is probably called denial.We couldn’t, however, deny the situation any longer in the face of a conversation with the surgeon just after the operation.   Read More...

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    8 Myths About Aging and Long-Term Care

    By Carol Levine for Next AvenueThere are eight myths about aging and long-term care, some based on a kernel of truth, that are deeply entrenched in American society. Some are relatively harmless, but others can lead to serious misunderstandings.1. Serious Memory Lapses Are Normal in Older AdultsThe myth that memory loss is naturally associated with aging is deeply ingrained in societal attitudes toward older adults.   Read More...

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    Person-Centered Care Focuses on Patients' Needs

    By Patricia Corrigan for Next AvenueThe way patients and health care providers think about health care delivery is changing, with an increasing desire to involve patients in decisions and planning. Today, many providers also work to meet patients’ needs that go beyond medical treatments. This philosophy is known as person-centered care.The SCAN Foundation, an independent public charity (and funder of Next Avenue), defines that philosophy as putting older adults “at the center of the ...  Read More...

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    7 Ways to Find Love and Friendship Later in Life

    By Wendy Sue Knecht for Next AvenueThere’s no question of the importance of personal interactions and connections with friends as an important source of our well-being. This is especially true as we age, and much has been written about the challenge of making friends and finding love in the later years.Looking for love, or even just hoping to make a new friend, can seem intimidating when you’re older. But it doesn’t have to be that way.Personally, I didn’t find Mr.   Read More...

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    The Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation for Older Adults

    By Sally Abrahms for Next AvenueI am sitting comfortably in my chair taking a course on mindfulness and meditation. Like those around me, I want to cope better with stress and feel more relaxed. But more than that, I am intrigued by my fellow “students.” After all, an assisted living facility is hardly your usual meditation venue.Walkers and canes dot the room.   Read More...

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