Bravo Employees

When you see an employee doing something great, you now have a way to honor that person, through the Bravo program. By simply filling out a card and slipping it in the Bravo collection box on every PMMA campus, you can thank him or her for their extra effort and bring public recognition to the person.

In addition to residents, co-workers, supervisors and guests are welcome to fill out a card to recognize an employee.

Reasons to fill out a card can include thanking a person for his or her extra effort, noticing that a person went the extra mile for a resident, helping a co-worker with a task or problem, and to thank and encourage the do-gooder.

The program is a result of the annual employee survey, said Ethel Smith, Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America's senior vice president for human resources. "The PMMA leadership team formed a task force after employees said there was a need for a way to show appreciation and to recognize individuals," she said. "A task force composed of human resource directors, executive directors and vice presidents developed the program to respond to the survey input."

Celebration Boards are up in every community to showcase the Bravo honorees.

Look for the Celebration Board and Bravo card holders in your community to express appreciation and acknowledge employees who have demonstrated leadership, extraordinary service, teamwork or other acts of kindness and commitment to seniors.

Download the Bravo submission form >>

Here are just a few examples:

'Her drive to do her best and to find the correct answer are great assets to any team. She is dedicated to doing things right.'

'Always ready to help without being asked. Good about anticipating needs.'

'A day without Linda is like a day without sunshine.'

'You say just the right things when I'm feeling down.'

'She even cleans my room early when she knows I have company coming.'

'Josh always works hard and goes above and beyond to help everyone.'

'She is thoughtful, pleasant, caring and kind, not only to residents but to her co-workers as well. I believe she really enjoys her work.'

'Thank you for being flexible, dedicated to your job and keeping things running smoothly.'

'Brandy always has time to address family member concerns.'